I recently went on a trip to Cuba in March and found that there was a piece of me that was still there from the last time I went. The European influence mixed with the Carribean vibe lends a feeling of relaxed time travel to any visitor. The architecture is dazzling, but the real hidden gems are the natural caves and geographic landscapes. This country is definitely worth being explored.

The art market has some of the most stunning pieces I’ve ever seen. The talent in Cuban fine art the defiantly second to none 

Its worth a trip just to do gown for the art. The market is overwhelming and like a Playland for any artist. 


Saturno Cave was a highlight of the trip. While everyone was swimming I ventured off the beaten path and did some exploring of my own
One of the medics George was following me around to make sure the Canadian tourist didn’t die trying to be like Indiana Jones. He was kind enough to take this picture of me. Thanks buddy

The trip into Havana was hot, and muggy, but I persevered because the city is beautiful and I wanted to enjoy it to the fullest. I found that I enjoyed taking pictures of still moments. This little CafĂ© in an alley way completely empty, but really embodied the whole lifestyle. I began to imagine the different people that would come and sit here, who they would be with, that they would talk about etc. It was like a blank canvas for the tourist to imagine the daily local life. 

The beach had some stunning sunsets. I know everyone takes a typical Carribean sunset picture with the palm trees but on this particular day the sun and could were doing the weird dance that produced these wicked rays on concentrated light. But of course the palms were beautiful too. 

The next day we ventured out to a local farm and got to enjoy the company of some very adorable baby goats. There’s a large number of goat farmers in Cuba and these little guys can be found pretty much everywhere

The falcon was my new best friend. If I was a super hero. I would definitely have a Falcon. 

We were invited to the farmers home after our lunch. He had coffee trees right outside his window. Lucky bastard, he did however, make the best coffee I have ever had in my life. Fresh with just a slice of sugar cane. I’m spoiled now. His home was very minimalist with basic necessities, some vintage radios and clocks, but nothing over the top

These are what the coffee trees look like. 

All in all it was a pretty amazing trip. I would recommend Cuba to anyone looking for a good cultural adventure. 


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